Team Building App

Transform employee- and costumerevents into an experience-oriented event using our award-winning mobile technology. We connect outdoor-experience, teamwork, knowledge and dexterity tasks with the topic of your event respectively.

Exemplary procedure of a team trail:

Briefing & Handing out the iPads

Teams are chosen and equipped with iPads.

Start of the Teamtrail

On an interactive map, which can be found on the iPad, all stations as well as the own position via GPS are pointed out. The route will be chosen by the team individually so they decide by themselves when they want to visit which station and solve the task.


The team solves quiz questions at several stations on the iPad and try to collect as many points as possible. Question types: multiple-choice, estimation tasks, true or false questions and assigning tasks.


The participants have to solve tasks together, which require skills, speed, accuracy, creativity and so on. The range of activities can reach from shooting with bow and arrow, overcoming a climbing a wall, to taking a creative group picture which will be shown at the event on the following evening.

Goal & Returning back the iPads

Until the end of the countdown (visible on every iPad) all participants have to reach the finish line and hand back the iPads. The results will be automatically evaluated by the system.

Victory ceremony & evening event

As part of the evening event the best photos of the day and highlight videos will be shown. The most successful team will be awarded in front of the audience.

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