Shopping Event App

With the Shopping-Event-App, your Shopping centre will reach a new level and turn into an adventure world for young & old. Use our three step technology for interaction with your target group and offer your stores a new marketing tool for an increase of sales and better promotion of products.

Basic App

The basic app includes a diverse amount of basic functions such as an interactive map, favourite list, overview and search functions that simplify the shopping experience of your costumer. The service is available at the Appstore (iOS), Goolge Playstore (android) and via the mobile web browser.

Enlargement „Promo Stores“

With the enlargement “Promo Stores” you can give 5-8 stores the opportunity to be part of a premium –marketing program. This includes a special highlighting in the interactive map, extra offer insertion as well as a statistic tool. Due to newest sensor technology, visitors who are in immediate distance from a shop will get a notification with daily offers and specials. The refinance

Enlargement „Experience Tool“

With the “Experience Tool” – the highlight of the app- you transform your shopping centre via a smartphone trail to a world of adventures for young & old. Based on the classical concept of a paperchase, all visitors will rewire stores and the shopping centre through quizzes and fun games. This way you offer your stores the possibility to advertise new products and current specials in an beneficial way, as well as increase the degree of familiarity.

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